The Winter’s Bone soundtrack is now available on CD and via digital download. Click here to hear samples from the soundtrack and purchase yours today. The soundtrack features a mix of classic standards and original songs both from and inspired by the film. The performers include everyone from the local musicians featured in WINTER’S BONE to the film’s composer Dickon Hinchliffe (formerly of Tindersticks) to an original song from actor John Hawkes (DEADWOOD, LOST.)

Click on Track 1 for a sneak preview of the soundtrack to WINTER'S BONE.

  1. Missouri Waltz
    -Marideth Sisco

  2. High On A Mountain
    -Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter

  3. Fair and Tender Ladies
    -Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter

  4. On a Hill Lone and Gray
    -Van Colbert & Blackberry Winter

  5. Out of Sight
    -White River Music Company

  6. Man on the Run
    -Billy Ward

  7. In The Palm of His Hand
    -Dirt Road Delight

  8. Farther Along
    -Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter

  9. Hardscrabble Elegy
    -Dickon Hinchliffe

  10. Bred & Buttered
    -John Hawkes

  11. Missing You
    -White River Music Company

  12. Ballad of Jessup Dolly (The Wind & Rain)
    -Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter

  13. Sleepy Desert
    -Lee Ann Sours & Brandon Wooden

  14. Farther Along (Piano)
    -Marideth Sisco & Craig Klein

  15. Angel Band
    -Marideth Sisco & Dickon Hinchliffe

  16. Bury Me Beneath the Willow (Digital Bonus Track Only)
    -Linda Stoffel & Blackberry Winter

  17. June Apple (Digital Bonus Track Only)
    -Bo Brown & Dennis Crider

  18. Honky Tonk Days (Digital Bonus Track Only)


Light In The Attic Records

Musician Websites (Click each name below for their official web sites):

Marideth Sisco

Dickon Hinchliffe

Rick Reding

Dirt Road Delight

Baled Green and Wired Tight

for Van Colbert's CD:

A note from the filmmakers:
One night in below,the Missouri Ozarks several years ago, author Daniel Woodrell arranged for a group of visiting filmmakers to attend an informal picking session at a friend's home. The musicians let the crew listen and videotape a few songs. Right then, it became clear that local music had to be heard in the film adaptation of Winter's Bone.

Two years passed before we were finally ready to begin production. In all that time the sounds of that evening, particularly the voice of Marideth Sisco, had stayed in our minds. Marideth, who also produces a radio program/podcast on Ozarks folklore, became our first point of contact for finding local musicians. This collection introduces their music, which is relatively unknown outside the region, to a wider audience.

Rick Reding assembled a group of the best country music pickers he knew to perform his songs in the bar scene in Winter's Bone, naming the group White River Music Company.  Champion fiddler Billy Ward, from Rick's band, also plays with Marideth's group, Blackberry Winter, and is a member of Dirt Road Delight--we found Daniel Parkin's song Palm Of His Hand on their website.

Dickon Hinchliffe, of the British rock band Tindersticks, composed the original score cues that helped to set and sustain the mood of the film.
His cues (available online) incorporated banjo, strings and other folk elements, rendered more abstractly. Dickon also wrote the instrumental Hardscrabble Elegy for the end credits, and collaborated with Marideth via email on the arrangement of Angel Band.

This collection includes several songs recorded for Winter's Bone but not heard (or heard briefly) in the film.  Man On The Run, The Ballad Of Jessup Dolly, and Bred and Buttered (by John Hawkes, who plays Teardrop in the film) all refer to the character whose absence drives the story of Winter's Bone.

Craig Klein, the pianist on the second version of Farther Along, was a dean at Missouri State University when this was recorded. Banjoist and singer Van Colbert has a solo album, Tales of the Hillbilly Thuglife, and also performs with his brothers. Sleepy Desert, featuring members of the group Baled Green and Wired Tight, was recorded live in 2009.  Bo Brown and Dennis Crider of Blackberry Winter picked this June Apple in the recording studio in one take.

It has been a pleasure for us to spend so many hours with this music. We are grateful to all of the musicians and engineers for their talent, enthusiasm, and friendship.

Debra Granik, Steve Peters, Anne Rosellini and Jonathan Scheuer


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